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Is there a limit to how much I can pay via online ATM transfers?
  • 發布單位:Office of Financial Affairs

Limits on how much can be paid online depends on the card issuer. Every bank might have different restrictions as to how much can be transferred in a single payment. If the issuer is Hua Nan Bank, please refer to the information below. Therefore, first confirm what is the upper limit allowed for the donor’s card.


1.ATM machines only allow daily non-predesignated transfers of NT$300,000 or less, while online ATM daily non-predesignated transfers are capped at around NT$100,000.

2.ATM machines only allow daily pre-designated transfers of NT$3 million or less, while online ATM daily pre-designated transfers are capped at around NT$3 million.

3.Daily limits of both ATM machine and online ATM transfers are stackable.


【An explanatory example】

Mr. Chang uses his Hua Nan Bank chip card to make a non-predesignated transfer of NT$20,000 on Hua Nan Bank’s online ATM page. On the same day, he can still use that same card to transfer NT$30,000 at an ATM machine and NT$80,000 more online.

So, even though he reached the daily limit for non-predesignated transfers with ATM machines (NT$30,000), the daily online ATM limits on non-predesignated transfers is still NT$100,000. Mr. Chang had only transferred NT$20,000 online, so he still has NT$80,000 he can transfer online that day.