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Department of Chemistry


Toshio Kasai

Toshio Kasai
Visiting Professor
Room A514
Research Interest

  • Chemical reaction dynamics in the gas phase using molecular, radical, atomic , and cluster beams.

  • Gas-surface reaction dynamics of simple molecules with metals, silicon, and graphite using molecular beams.

  • Stereodynamics of energy transfer reactions in the gas phase using oriented molecular and atomic beams prepared by electrostatic and magnetic hexapole fields.

  • Stereodynamics of surface absorption reactions using oriented molecular beams by measuring scattering distribution under ultra high vacuum conditions.

  • Surface dynamics and structure analysis in oxidation reactions with metals and silicon using synchrotron radiation lights with hyperthermal beams by measuring XPS, LEED, STM.

  • 3Dx3D full dimensional stereodynamics in AB+CD four-center reactions.

  • Mass and laser spectroscopic studies on plant respiration and human skin chemistry.

  • Laser photo-dissociation dynamics

  • Chemistry on cultural heritage

Honors and Awards

  • The Chemical Society of Japan Award for Creative Work for 2002

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Update: 2020-03-03