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Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Interdisciplinary Studies Program

What exactly is a Interdisciplinary Studies Program?

It lets you customize your own degree! Be a self-directed learner of the NTU Community! 

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  • Are you tired of traditional, standardized courses and would like to customize your own course timetable?
  • Are you lost in the vast academic world with so many different fields of learning and desperate to find your place?
  • Do you want to escape the confines of your own major and venture into other disciplines and fields of study?
  • Do you want to acquire professional knowledge and at the same time accommodate your own interests?

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program lets you to explore your interdisciplinary interests and find areas you have an aptitude for by taking courses offered by “specialization programs” across different colleges.

>> Customize my own class timetable <<
Design my own major <<
>> Create my own degree <<