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Graduate Institute of Astrophysics


ChairPao-Ti Chang(02)3366-5151Experimental High Energy
Distinguished ProfessorTzihong Chiueh(02)
Chair Professor George Wei-Shu Hou (02)3366-5096High Energy
Professor Min-Zu Wang (02)3366-5150Experimental High Energy Physics
ProfessorJiun-Huei Proty Wu (02)3366-8629Modern Cosmology & Astrophysics
Associate ProfessorHsi-Yu Schive(02)3366-8644Computational astrophysics including code development, applications,and data
Assistant ProfessorTing-Wen Lan(02)3366-8637Observational Astrophysics, Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Large Sky
Assistant ProfessorWu Po-Feng(02)3366-8636Galaxy formation and evolution Galaxy spectroscopy Multi-wavelength observation Large sky
Assistant Professor (Project Faculty) Tak Pong, Woo(02)3366-5161Cosmology,Galactic Dynamics,Electronic transport in two dimensional