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Green Technology Lab, BSE, NTU

Green Technology Lab, BSE, NTU

Welcome to Green Technology Lab


We focus on the GREAT (Green Research for Environmental and Agricultural Technologies) to realize circular economy system. We have three main research themes: (1) precision separation for water reuse, (2) agricultural (bio)waste utilization, and (3) healthy watershed practices. Our group specializes in practical applications of water reuse and solid waste conversion technologies, especially in electrochemical systems. We have our own laboratory focusing on separation systems for agricultural and environmental applications towards a circular economy. In some cases, we also collaborate with experimental groups around the world.

Current research topics relate to water technology (selective sorption, electrokinetic separation) and biosolid valorization technology (electrofermentation, anaerobic digestion, low-oxygen thermal conversion), as well as healthy watershed practices from scientific aspects (carbon and nutrient cycles) to engineering domain (water quality improvement, carbon farming).

Please contact Prof. Shu-Yuan Pan (email: for more information.

Principal Investigator:Dr. Shu-Yuan Pan, Assistant Professor (潘述元助理教授)
 * Office (Professor): Rm 113, Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University
 * Office (Members, Assistants and Students): Rm 614, Infinite Building, National Taiwan University
Phone :+886-2-3366-3453 (Professor); +886-2-3366-3478 (Lab Office-1); +886-2-3366-3482 (Lab Office-2)