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Distinguished Lecture Series at College of EECS


  • FAQ
    • 2022-02-17

    1. Where can the information of each lecture be found?
      Ans: The students can find the detailed information and announcements of the Distinguished Lecture Series on this website.
      Additionally, the announcement of each lecture will also be put on the website of College of EECS and the Facebook page of “NTU EECS-International 臺大電資學院國際專區”.


    1. How can the students receive credits of the lectures?
      Ans: To receive credits, the students have to follow the instructions to meet the requirements of his/her home department.
      Pleas note that only the stamped reports are accepted to receive credits.


    1. If the students want to share their ideas with the speakers, if there any for them to do that?
      Ans: Each lecture include the technical presentation and the international student gathering.
      After the technical presentation, the gathering follows and light refreshment/soft drinks will be served. The speaker and students can take this opportunity to exchange the ideas. The refreshment will be served until 3:00PM.