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Distinguished Lecture Series at College of EECS

Information for students and lectures

This page provides the lecture information for the students.

This annual series showcases outstanding researchers, scholars and thinkers in the field of electrical engineering, computer science and related disciplines, and gives them a forum to present their views and ideas to students and faculty. All the lectures will be delivered in English. 

The lecture will be held at Rm. 201 in BL Hall unless specifically designated. The students are required to be seated before 1:00PM. 
(Please note that the speakers will be at Rm. 201 in Barry Lam Hall to give the lectures. Only when Rm. 201 in Barry Lam Hall is full, Rm. 101 in Barry Lam Hall will be an additional venue for the lectures. Additionally, changing of the venue will be announced to the students.)

The lecture consists of two parts: technical presentation and international student gathering. The technical presentation will be delivered by an invited speaker and start at 1:00PM. The presenation may last for one hour. The gathering follows and light refreshment/soft drinks will be served. The speaker and students will take this opportunity to exchange the ideas. The refreshment will be served until 3PM. 

To receive credits, the students have to follow the instructions to meet the requirements.

The students are required to fill a lecture report on paper, which will be stamped by on-site staff, and submit the report to his/her home department. Only the stamped reports are accepted. The lecture report form will be distributed by the on-site staff before the lecture starts. 

There is no make-up lecture for all the events. 


The lecture will be held at Rm. 201 at Barry Lam Hall as shown in the map.