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Graduate Institute of Public Affairs, NTU

About Us

  • Date:2018-09-12
  • The Graduate Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) was established in August 2014. The GIPA is affiliated with the College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University (NTU). The Institute grew out of the public administration field, which was one of the academic concentrations under the Master program at the Political Science department. The GIPA continues to prepare our graduates to be professional leaders in the public sector, non-profit organizations, and profit organizations cooperating with the public sector.

    The field of public affairs is increasingly important. A broader research field is needed to accommodate the understanding of shifts in economic structures, the expansion of government, financial crises, rapid technological developments, and greater environmental concerns. Overall, the field of public affairs is becoming a dynamic area of study that extends beyond the research scope of traditional public administration. As the leading university in Taiwan, the GIPA at NTU aims to create meaningful changes to areas of public administration, government affairs, and public policy for both international and domestic challenges.

    To further advance the knowledge domain of public affairs that consist of a great variety of different research areas, a mix of academic faculty aims to bridge theory and practice by offering broad perspectives and expertise. Currently, the Institute is headed by Professor Chwen-Wen Chen and has 11 full-time faculty members. We recruit approximately 16 master students every year.