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Graduate Institute of Public Affairs, NTU

Degree Requirements

The mission of the Graduate Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) is to provide students with knowledge and skills for public management, government institutions, and public affairs in NPOs and private sector. Courses of GIPA are designed to prepare our students to gain the competency for either academic research or professional needs in public or private institutions. The degree requirements are: 1) minimum of 28 credit hours of courses, and 2) successfully completed a master thesis.

The core of the GIPA curriculum consists of a total of six courses, amounting to 12 credit hours. In addition, a minimum of three elective courses is required to be taken from GIPA, amounting to 6 credit hours.

Courses in the major are designed to cover the following primary subfields of public affairs (six courses and 12 credit hours) including:

  • Public Management
  • Seminar on Public Law
  • Applied Statistics for Social Science Research
  • Public Policy Planning and Analysis
  • Seminar on Public Budgeting and Finance
  • Research Methods and Thesis Writing

Elective courses offered by GIPA are as follows:

  • Seminar on Environmental Politics and Policy
  • Technology and Innovation Policy
  • Seminar on Communication Policy and Media Law
  • Seminar on Human Resource Management
  • Seminar on Local Development and Urban Governance
  • Information Society and E-Governance
  • Seminar on Nonprofit Organization and Management
  • Seminar on Major Policy Issues
  • Policy Network and Social Network Analysis
  • Non-profit Organization Internships
  • Seminar on Government and Business
  • Seminar on Comparative Public Administration
  • Health Policy
  • Bureaucratic Behavior

In the first academic year of the Master of GIPA, students are required to take at least 6 credit hours of courses, but no more than 12 credit hours. In the second academic year, students must take at least 2 credit hours, but no more than 12 credit hours. Students with special situations will need to have the approval from the Director of GIPA if they need a special design of the study planning. The passing grades at the graduate level are B- and above. Course instructors decide the rules of marking and final grades.