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Institute of Fisheries Science, NTU

Shan-Hua Yang Assistant Professor

  • Shan-Hua Yang 
  • Assistant Professor
  • Ph. D., Graduate Institute of Biotechnology, National Chung Hsing University 

  • Office:
  • Fishery Science Building R406

  • TEL:
  • 886-2-3366-2883
  • 886-2-3366-2884

  • E-mail:

  • Research:
  • Microbiology, Aquatic microbial diversity, Coral microbiota, Metagenomics

  • Website of lab:

  • Course:

Research Interests:
(1) Microbial function in coral skeleton

(2) Genome comparison of green sulfur bacteria

(3) Ocean acidification to microbes in coral skeleton

(4) Stromatolite-associated microbes








近年重要著作 (2017- ):

*第一作者 #通訊作者

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