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Institute of Fisheries Science, NTU

Jen-Chieh Shiao Professor

  • Jen-Chieh Shiao


  • Education:PhD, Institute of Zoology, National Taiwan University

  • Office:Room 424, Institute of Oceanography

  • TEL:886-2-3366-3227
  • 886-2-3366-3744 (FAX)


  • Research:Marine Biology; Ecophysiology of fish

  • Course:Introuduction to Marine Biology
    Fish Sclerochronology
    Special Topics on Ichthyology
    Marine Communities and Data Analysis
    Marine Stable Isotope and Experiments
    Introduction to Marine Science
    Seminar for MS students

Research Interests:
(1) Marine biology
(2) Ecophysiology of fish
(3) Analysis of otolith

1. 以耳石δ13C與δ18O分析解析深海魚類生活史。
    科學界目前對於深海底棲性魚類的生活史了解非常地不足,主要是受限於採樣與直接觀察深海魚類的困難度很高,我們藉由耳石δ18O微量分析技術,利用微量採樣器(micromill)與同位素比值質譜儀(IRMS, Finnigan MAT 253)進行分析,藉此重建魚類所經歷的溫度,進一步推測深度變化,結果發現深海魚類(鼠尾鱈)確實具有【個體發育垂直洄游行為】,不同種類的垂直洄游距離不盡相同,有些種類的仔魚在下沉過程中已經完成變態成為稚魚,有些種類的仔魚則是在沉降到深海海床上時才完成變態,這種仔稚魚階段的【個體發育垂直下沉行為】是連結底棲性成魚階段與浮游性仔魚階段非常重要的策略,此研究方法能夠重建深海魚類全生活史的定居或是垂直洄游的行為。

2. 快速種類篩驗檢測技術之研究

3. 洄游魚類生活史之研究

近年重要著作 (2017- ):

Chang SK, Yuan TL, Hoyle SD, Farley JH, Shiao JC (2022) Growth Parameters and Spawning Season Estimation of Four Important Flyingfishes in the Kuroshio Current off Taiwan and Implications from Comparisons with Global Studies. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 747382. IF: 5.125

Wang YC, Chang YJ, Wang PL., Shiao JC* (2022) Evaluation of cooking effects on otolith stable carbon and oxygen isotope values of teleostean fish Pomadasys kaakan (Cuvier, 1830). Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 36(4), e9233. IF: 2.439

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Tseng CM, Ang SJ, Chen YS, Shiao JC, Lamborg CH, He XS, Reinfelder R (2021) Bluefin tuna reveal global patterns of mercury pollution and bioavailability in the world's oceans. PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America), 118 (38) e2111205118. IF: 12.291

Lin TC, Hsiao WV, Han SJ, Joung SJ, Shiao JC* (2021) A direct multiplex loop-mediated isothermal amplification method to detect three CITES-listed shark species. Aquatic Conservation-marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 31(8), 2193-2203. IF: 3.190

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