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Institute of Fisheries Science, NTU

Chung-Yen Lin Research Fellow

  • Chung-Yen Lin

    Research Fellow

  • Ph.D., Institute of Zoology, College of Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

  • Office:Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

  • TEL:(02)2788-3799 #1454


  • Research:Systems and Network Biology

  • Website of lab:

Research Interests:
(1) Network comparison: Identification of biological machineries from Host-pathogen interations for the mechanism of infection.
(2) Analysis of Transcriptomics and metagenomics on environmental samples and inside animal's gastrointestinal tracts.
(3) Converting the outputs and tools derived from our research projects into databases and web applications for research community.

(1) Network analysis of human protein interactions for Tumorigenesis and infectious diseases in the approach of systems biology
We have implemented a statistical model into our protein interaction database for validation of two-hybrid assays ofHelicobacter pylori, and prediction of putative protein interactions not yet discovered experimentally. By this approach, we can compare the interacting network of various strains with different virulence to decipher the secret between hosts and pathogens (, Bioinformatics  2005). Using the more sophisticated statistical method with expression profile, we integrated a database named as flydpi for the interactome of Drosophila Melanogaster(, BMC Bioinfo, 2006). And we also constructed a topological analyzer for complex network named as Hubba (NAR, 2008, Objectives of our work are to improve our understanding of the puzzle during development stage, carcinogenesis and infectious mechanism, and to furthermore introduce a new paradigm for the diagnosis and treatment of human disease to revolutionize current medical services delivered.
(2) Developing value-added databases and web applications for biomedical research communities
We have published several web applications and databases related with bioinformatics for biomedical research community. For example, the web application, Primer Design Assistant (PDA) (NAR, 2003, ,, can be helpful to large scale PCR for high throughput experiments like microarray experiments. From July 2003 to Mar 2008, the accumulated visits and processed sequences go beyond 100,000 and 620,000, respectively. PDA is not only served for research groups, but also was used to develop the rapid diagnostic kit for SARS for Central of Disease Control (CDC), Taiwan in 2004. Until now, there are several diagnostic kits developed by PDA.  Based on similar idea, we have implemented a platform for unique probe design for various uses in hybridization, like microarray and blots named as "Unique Probe Selector, UPS" ( , BMC Bioinfo 2008).
In 2005, we have implemented a phylogenetic platform for topology construction and visualization named as POWER (, NAR, 2005). We are working on the best model selection in automatic way and try to integrate two systems for biomedical research groups.
(3) Metagenomics
According to the advance in sequencing technology, time for sequencing large genome like human genome would not take several months/years but weeks/days. Several shotgun sequencing projects of various communities have been completed and started. Following the flood of massive sequence data, there are several interesting computational problems that arise from WGS sequencing of communities. Those issues related with how to compare communities, how to separate sequence from different organisms in silico, and how to model population structures using WGS assembly statistics, will be new challenges in the field of bioinformatics. Our approach here is to integrate various databases, gene expression analysis, proteomic results and phylogenetic reconstruction to achieve a comprehensive view of microbial communities.

近年重要著作 (2017- ):


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