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Institute of Fisheries Science, NTU

Shiu-Nan Chen Professor&Emeritus

  • Shiu-Nan Chen
  • Emeritus Professor 
  • Education:Ph.D., Department of Microbiology and Parasitology, Liverpool Schoold of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool, England, UK


  • Research:Cell & Tissue Culture, Fish Disease, Environmental microbiology, Aquaculture, Parasitology, Immunology

Occurrence of diseases of aquaculture animals were initiated by a complex factor including pathogenic and non-pathogenic (or environmental) factors.  It is not easy to control the fish or shrimp mortality simply using drugs.
In the past forty years, my research works mainly focalized on the studies on the production of mushroom Beta-Glucans and their applications on the control of aquaculture animals.  We have successfully used mushroom Beta-Glucan to enhance the immunity for cultured animals so that the survival for cultured animals may significantly upgraded.  Consequently, mass mortality for aquatic cultured animals such as shrimps and fish may be controlled.  In addition to Beta-Glucan, my Lab. also developed a system in using of beneficial bacteria to control the organic pollution or deterioration for aquaculture pond so that successful cultured system can be comparatively anticipated.

近年重要著作 (2010- ):

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