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Institute of Fisheries Science, NTU

Chin-I Chang Professor

  • Chin-I Chang


  • Education:Ph. D., Zoology Department, Scottish Fish Immunology Research Centre, University of Aberdeen, U.K.

  • Office:Fisheries Research Institute, COA

  • TEL:(02)2463-3100
  • (02)2462-5259 (FAX)


  • Course:Fish Diseases, Fish Immunology, Aquatic Bio-technology

Research Interests:
(1) Fish Diseases
(2) Fish Immunology
(3) Aquatic Bio-technology


張錦宜 (2012) 生菌數檢測方法及其檢測套組。中華民國發明專利 (發明第 I 363095號),專利權期間:自2012年5月1日至2028年10月30日。


技術移轉 (Technology Transfer)

朱惠真、張錦宜、陳力豪 (2017/6 ~ 2022/5) 技術名稱:「腸炎弧菌池邊即時快檢套組」,移轉公司:「全興國際水產股份有限公司」.

(Vibrio parahaemolyticus fast detecting strip, VP-kit)

張錦宜 (2014/11 ~ 2019/10) 技術名稱:「水產病原快速檢測試劑-水產病原性弧菌檢測套組」,移轉公司:「全興國際水產股份有限公司」.

(Multiple Vibrio detecting kit, MV-kit)

張錦宜 (2007/4 ~ 2010/4) 技術名稱:「鰻魚潰瘍症病原菌藥物敏感性檢測套組」,移轉公司:「晶宇生物技術實業股份有限公司」.

(Fast susceptibility assay kit for Edwardsiella tarda )

張錦宜 (2006/5 ~ 2009/5) 技術名稱:「鰻魚潰瘍症病原菌快速檢測套組」,移轉公司:「晶宇生物技術實業股份有限公司」.

(Fast detecting kit for Edwardsiella tarda)

近年重要著作 :

C. -I. Chang, L.-H. Chen, Y.-F. Hu, C.-C. Wu, J.-M. Tsai (2017) Determining the cleavage site for the mature antimicrobial peptide of Nile tilapia β-defensin using 2D electrophoresis, Western blot, and mass spectrometry analysis. Fish & Shellfish Immunology, 62: 41-46 (SCI).
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朱惠真、黃美瑩、劉旭展、曾亮瑋、潘崇良、張錦宜 (2016) 自海水魚蝦篩選抗水產病原弧菌之拮抗菌。水產研究,24(1): 37-50。
黃美瑩、朱惠真、陳力豪、劉旭展、曾亮瑋、潘崇良、張錦宜 (2016) 飼料中添加益生菌Bacillus pumilus D5對於白蝦成長、免疫反應及抗腸炎弧菌效率之影響。水產研究,24(2): 57-69。
M.-Y. Huang, C. -I. Chang, C. -C. Chang,  L. -W. Tseng and C. -L. Pan (2015) Effects of dietary levan on growth performance, nonspecific immunity, pathogen resistance and body composition of orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides H.). Aquaculture Research, 46: 2752-2767 (SCI).
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研討會論文 (Conference)
M. Y. Huang, H. J. Ju, L. W. Tseng and C. -I. Chang (2017) Antibacterial activity on aquatic pathogens of recombinant antimicrobial peptides from Yarrowia lipolytica. 2017 International Conference on Functional Food for Metabolic Homeostasis in Aging. Mar. 10, Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan, p.44.
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